If you are viewing this site you were undoubtedly referred to us by a mutual friend.  So, you already know what the sites we create are like.

Simple, easy to read and navigate.  There are too many websites created out there to exploit and show off the technological advances of our wonderful internet devices, and thats cool but unfortunately there are too many sites that just don't work right with that phone or slow down to the point where they don't work. And your paying for that.

We design the site with the client in mind as well as the product or service they have, getting the advertising message out in a simple and very efficient manner.  Examples of some of our photo collages -


We do not host web sites or sell anything else.

Having the ability to create wonderful photos, from about five photos or so, says an awful lot very efficiently.

We just design your website suited to you and your service or business with the addition of our photo collages. Simply done. Or we'll assist in reviving

an older website bringing it back to working order, or refreshing it with new content. A lot of folks started a website from a "cookie cutter" type web program, featuring a very user friendly format, but only to find out they need more content in their site than the program allowed.

We will assist you in acquiring web space and your domain name through Network Solutions, as they have very attractive web hosting packages where we think you get the most for the money you spend for your web site. They are easy to access 24/7 and understand the Web which is very important.

We keep the sites simple, as the simpler they are the easier they are to maintain and update.

Quality design work at a fair rate.

We're confident that you'll be able to have the type of website you want, with minimal cost to design and post, with no complications.

You can email us at   --   sales@standardwd.com

We're looking forward to getting you up on the web as soon as possible   - thanks for stopping by.           

                                                       Standard Web Design Team